Questions to Consider

You may want to answer these questions...

… about the college:

  • Does the college offer the area of study you wish to pursue?
  • Are athletes given preference in scheduling?
  • Where is the college/university located?
  • What is the expected enrollment of undergraduates and graduates?
  • What are the standard class sizes?
  • What are the student housing options?
  • What transportation is available?
  • What is campus-life like?
  • Is tutoring offered to student-athletes? If so, Is there a fee?

… about the coach and team:

  • In what division and conference does the team play?
  • What is the team’s record?
  • What are the coach’s goals for the team?
  • What is their style of play? Would you be comfortable with the coach’s coaching style?
  • How many players will be on the roster and how many will travel with the team?
  • What does the pre-season entail?
  • What does the regular season entail? Practice, games, etc?
  • What happens during the off-season? Is there a break?
  • What is the spring season like?
  • How will the team’s composition change with seniors leaving and red-shirt players returning?
  • Which positions is the coach looking for, and how many others are already playing there or are being recruited
  • What type of medical coverage exists for athletes?
  • Is there a weight-training program? How much does the coach value that?

… about scholarship concerns:

  • If not offered a scholarship, is the player a candidate for admission as a Walk-On player? (Definition of “Walk-On”: Someone who may or may not have been recruited. It is someone who doesn’t have a spot on the team before coming to college and "walks on" to the team by trying out and being good enough to be selected to the team.)
  • If offered a scholarship, what expenses are covered, what is its duration, and under what conditions can it be terminated?
  • If a player on scholarship is injured and can’t play, will the scholarship be forfeit?



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