COSC Girls Curriculum

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California Odyssey Girls Competitive Curriculum


California Odyssey Soccer Club girls’ teams training sessions incorporate the physical, technical, tactical, and mental components of soccer in accordance with US Soccer guidelines. Coaches follow age-specific requirements for each player within each team environment. We follow our curriculum yearly with the goal of achieving specific measurable outcomes at the end of each season.

We hope the life skills players gain from playing for Odyssey, helps them to develop into leaders in our community.


Our intent is to provide a pathway which gives our players opportunities to play Collegiately, Professionally and at the National Team level.

System of Play

California Odyssey female teams will train to play a 1-4-3-3 system as illustrated below.

Training Session Design

Warm Up

Topic of the day is introduced to activate players physically and cognitively, in anticipation of a carefully thought out training session.

Theme Based Training:

Players are taught the topic of the day according to the technical, tactical, physical and mental demands of the game. During this phase players train with and without pressure based on attacking and defending principles, and moments of transition. Players are then required to make reality-based decisions as they would in a game.

Free Play

A scrimmage based on the theme of the day to reinforce positives or correct play.

Curriculum by Age Group

Odyssey Juniors Level (U3 – U8)

· Session Length 60-75 minutes

· First Touch development

· Heavy emphasis on technical development

· Dribbling

· Teamwork

· social interaction

· sportsmanship

· lots of interaction with the ball.

Pre- Competitive Level (U9 – U11)

· Session Length 75 – 90 minutes

· First touch development

· Dribbling vs passing

· Heavy emphasis on technical development

· Merging and interaction of the 4 lines in a team: GK – Def – Mid - For

· Attacking principles, 1v1, 2v1, 3v2, passing and receiving, possession, attacking from the back

· Defending principles 1v1, 1v2, 2v2, 2v3, 3v3, pressure, cover, defending from the front.

· 7v7 teams will play a 1-3-2-1 system

· 9v9 teams will play a 1-3-2-3 system

· Teamwork

· Develop good training habits

Intermediate Competitive Level (U12 – U15)

· Sessions 90 minutes

· Definition of player roles

· Functional Training

· Attacking Principles, Small group attacking tactics, passing and receiving, combination play, playing out of the back with GK, playing in the final 3rd, transition

· Defending principles, 1v1 defending, group defending, defending wide areas, transition

· 9v9 teams will play a 1-3-2-3 system,

· 11v11 teams will play a 1-4-3-3 system

· Train to become competitive.

· Team Commitment

Senior Competitive Level (U16 – U19)

· Sessions 90 minutes

· Small sided games, technical speed and accuracy, functional training, position specific training.

· Attacking Principles, Possession with a purpose, playing out of the back, playing through midfield, playing into the final third, set pieces, visual cues

· Defensive Principles, pressing, defending wide areas, zonal defending, set pieces, counterattacking

· Play a version of the 1-4-3-3 based on player qualities.

· Play and train to win

· Team Commitment

· Respect/Discipline



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