April 22, 2020

Odyssey Parents, Players and Families,

We just want to reach out to all of you with the hopes that you are all doing your best to navigate the precarious position we find ourselves in amidst this pandemic.  None of us have experienced such a thing in our lives and we hope we never again the rest of our lives.  Soccer has taken a back seat to life here however; we need to navigate how we are moving forward.

US Club Soccer, our governing body gives us guidelines to follow based on the most current recommendations from CDC and the local health departments.  Even though our region has not been impacted as severely as other NorCal regions, the barometer that will be used to determine resumption will be based on what’s going on in Northern California which has a majority of the NorCal teams.  As of today 4-22, the NorCal Spring season has been officially cancelled. This includes U8-U10 Regional Spring Leagues, U11-U19 Spring League, U14-U19 State Cup, National Premier League & State Premier League

At this point in time there are no definitive answers to when we will return to organized soccer activities.  As we receive information we will pass it on to you in a timely manner.




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