Additional Tryout Day for 04 Boys and Girls

Sunday, February 19th at 3pm at Fresno Christian School

California Odyssey Soccer Club would like to hold an additional tryout day for 04 boys and girls.

Boys and Girls Tryouts
Dates: Sunday, February 19th
Time: 3-4:30pm
Location: Fresno Christian High School

Fresno Christian High School
7280 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, CA 93720
Fields are located on the Alluvial Avenue side of the school. See map below.

Please bring a ball, shin guards, and water.
Arrive 30min early for registration.

Click below to begin registration for this age group and the 2017/18 season:

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Coaching Staff for younger teams for 2017/18 season:

2010 Girls
Head Coaches TBA
2009 Girls
Mark Edwards, GR1
2008 Girls
Ramon Rodriquez, GR1
Rachel Anderson, GR2
2007 Girls
Curt Posey, GR1
Jordyn Ryfia, GR2
2006 Girls
Justin Cruz, GR1
Andrea Lomeli, GR2

2005 Girls
Serop Torossian, GR1
Alex Llamas, GR2

2004 Girls
Travis Smith, GR1
Ruben Salinas, GR2

2010 Boys
Head Coaches TBA
2009 Boys
Fred Immel, BR1
Luis Llama, BR2
2008 Boys
Mihailo Jovanovic, BR1 and BR2
Assistant Coach: Darren Brown
2007 Boys
Drew Walters, BR1
2006 Boys
David Santesteban, BR1
Gabriel Campos, BR2

2005 Boys
Ben Lomeli, BR1
Jeff Manfredo, BR2

2004 Boys
Vitalis Otieno, BR1

Map showing location of tryouts:




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