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Help! I'm missing players on my roster

Follow these steps if you are missing players on your GotSoccer roster:

  • If you receive a message that a player is not registered. Please try using the “Search Player Registration” feature on the Roster page (See image below)
  • Make sure you have the correct gender and age group for the player
  • The players first and last name needs to be spelled exactly how it is on their US Club passcard.
  • Once you find the player click on the “add” button.
  • If the player is still not found, make sure all your players are on a "NorCal Premier League Roster" in addition to being on the "Official Roster" in the US Club/KYCK system. Click here for direction on how to check your US Club/KYCK account. If you add any players to the US Club/KYCK rosters, it will take up to 24 hours for the player to be available on GotSoccer for your event rosters.

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