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Instructions for Selecting NorCal as Competition

Note: Only staff members who have been given the permissions to “manage teams” in the KYCK Play registration platform will be able to select a competition for their team. If a staff member does not have the correct permissions, he or she will need to contact the club registrar to assist. Please contact the COSC Club Registrar, Patty Fernandez, at for assistance if you are having problems with your KYCK Play account.

To select the NorCal Premier League as a team’s competition log into KYCK Play:

  • Select the team from the Team drop-down or click the “Teams” tab - “View All Teams” to select the team
  • Select  the “Competitions” tab and click “See All Competitions”
    • If NorCal Premier League is not listed, continue the instructions below 
    • If NorCal Premier League is listed as an approved competition for your team, then you are finished
  • Select “Find Competition”
  • Enter “NorCal Premier League” in the search filter
  • Select “Request”
  • You do not need to select a division; select “Use Official Roster”
  • Submit request
    • At this point, US Club Soccer will need to approve your request. This can take 1-2 days.
    • Once your request has been approved, you may request the teams’ cards for processing at the team level. Approved players from your official US Club Roster will transfer to GotSoccer within 24 hours and you can then create your roster.
    • If new players are added to the team after requesting affiliation with the league, the Official Roster will update automatically.

**All players on your Official Roster will transfer to GotSoccer and be available for rostering in NorCal events**

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