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Create Your Own Team Site

Create Your Own Team Site

Create Your Own Team Site

Using Shutterfly Team Sites

Team websites are optional. If a team chooses to build a team website, we recommend using Shutterfly's Team Sites platform. The Shutterfly system is FREE, user friendly, backed by great support, and packed with more features than we can offer through Odyssey's website.

The Odyssey website will have landing pages for both boys and girls teams. The landing pages will display a team picture, coach/manager contact information and link to the full team website on Shutterfly. If your team has a full website on Shutterfly or other platform please email a link to the website to and we will gladly post the link on the Odyssey landing page underneath your team picture. Here are links to the current girls and boys landing pages on the Odyssey website:

Girls Teams

Boys Teams

Here is a link to the Team Sites homepage on Shutterfly’s website where you can begin the setup process:

Here are some of the features and benefits of a Shutterfly Team Site:

  • They are FREE!
  • Gives the team the ability to manage the team's schedule via a shared calendar with auto reminders for practices and games
  • Gives the team the ability to post duties and announcements that are automatically sent to the team
  • Gives team coaches the ability to track player availability to pre-plan the game rosters
  • Parents can be assigned login access to update their childs profile and post photos and videos
  • The system shares team photos and videos
  • Parents can download pictures and order high-quality prints, stylish photo books, gifts and more directly from their page
  • Site members get auto emails for site updates, saving the coaches time from having to notify each parent individually

IMPORTANT: Please review the screenshots below for important settings to pay attention to when setting up your page. By default, Shutterfly's team websites are set to private, meaning only the people you add as members can view the site. If you want your site to be public and viewable by anyone you need to set your permissions accordingly.

Visual Assets
Below are a few variations of our club logo for you to use in the design of your Team Site. Simply right click on the images and choose "Save Image" to download the imges to your computer.


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