Rules and Regulations

COSC California Summer Classic

FIFA Rules: As modified by USYSA, US Club Soccer and as modified herein.

Age Groups: Will be by Birth year NOT school year. (See Duration of Games)

Disputes: All disputes shall be settled by the Tournament Committee.


Credentials: All US Club Soccer and USYSA teams are eligible to play provided that the proper US Club credentials are presented at registration. The following credentials must be presented at the mandatory credentials check-in:

  1. Official Team Roster - A US Club Soccer official team roster, guest players forms with signatures of both the loaning club and receiving club representative.
  2. Medical Authorization Form - Each participating athlete must complete an official US Club Soccer medical authorization form. Each form MUST include a parent’s signature.
  3. Laminated US Club Soccer Player Pass: A valid laminated US Club player cards with a photograph. Player pass cards must all be from the current season; they cannot be a mixture of seasons.
  4. Laminated US Club Soccer Staff Pass: Each team must have at least one properly credentialed adult present on the sidelines of each match. Staff pass cards must possess an appropriate expiration date.
  5. For Non US Club Registered Teams: If you are not a US Club registered team, you may attend our tournament as a non-member by obtaining temporary US Club status and insurance just for our tournament. Visit and select the “Registration” tab and proceed to the “Tournament Team Insurance” Option for further details. Each team will receive a packet containing rules of competition, schedule, and any updates or new information at the mandatory check-in.

Guest Players: This tournament will accept up to five (5) guest players on a roster, with total roster size to not exceed 18 players for any one game. Guest player forms must be submitted at check-in, complete with all signatures. Guest player must have current player pass, medical release of the same year as the rest of the team, to be inspected at check-in.

Guest Teams: Teams that are accepted to the tournament as guest teams shall not advance out of their bracket. The guest team results are predetermined to be 1-0 against the guest team. The opposing team is awarded three (3) points.

Game cards will be provided by the Home Team. Team rosters must be input on-line 2 days prior to the tournament. Failure to complete the on-line roster will result in your manual input the night of registration. Only those players on the game card will be permitted to participate in tournament games. Players and coaches may not be added once registration is complete.

In addition to all credentials being verified at check-in, all passes will be checked prior to the beginning of each game by the referee.

Shin Guards & Casts:

  • All players are required to wear shin guards – no shin guards, no play. 
  • Players will NOT be allowed to play with a hard cast. At the discretion of the Tournament Committee and/or the referee players will be allowed to play with a soft cast.  It will be at the Referee’s discretion to determine the safety and suitability of player equipment including the wearing of a hard brace.

 Home Team vs. Away Team:

  • The home team is listed first on the schedule and will switch jerseys in case of a conflict. The away team or team listed second will switch sides in case of a conflict. Home team will provide 3 games balls.

 Game Forfeits:

  • All games will begin on time, however and at the discretion of the tournament committee a suitable grace period may be granted under certain circumstances. A forfeit will be determined if a team is unable to field at least seven (7) players at game time or after said grace period.

Prohibitions: The following are prohibited at any COSC Tournament Game site:

  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances
  • Noise makers, horns, etc
  • Use of tobacco products – Use of tobacco products on the grounds of any public school facility is a
  • Violation of California State Law
  • Fire Arms

Referees will be instructed to abandon a game if, after being asked to do so, any person affiliated with the team refuses to comply with the prohibitions listed above. Any team (including players, coaches, parents and affiliated spectators) found violating these rules will automatically forfeit all games played, face possible expulsion from the Tournament and will not be invited to any future California Odyssey events.  In addition the proper legal authorities will be notified and criminal action may be taken.

Duration of Games: 

Birth Year/Age Group
Finals / Overtime
(1999/98) U18-19
25 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2000) U17
25 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2001) U16
25 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2002) U15
25 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2003) U14
25 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2004) U13
25 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2005) U12*
25 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2006) U11*
25 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2007) U10**
20 Min
25 Min
25 Min / 5 min
(2008) U9***
20 Min
20 Min
20 Min / 5 min

*U11 will play 9v9; Heading rules will apply.
**U10 will play 9v9; Heading rules will apply.
***U9 will play 7v7; Heading rules will apply



  • All preliminary games will be terminated not less than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game regardless of the amount of time played in each half to that point. A game is “complete” upon completion of one half regardless of the circumstances of termination during the second half, with the final result based on the score at termination. A preliminary game may end in a tie. Semifinal games ending in a tie will proceed directly to kicks from the penalty mark to determine a winner.
  • Championship matches ending regulation time in a tie will be extended for a total of two five-minute “Golden Goal” overtimes. If a tie remains at the conclusion of both overtime extensions, a winner will be determined by kicks from the penalty mark.

Unlimited substitutions are allowed with referee approval in the following situations:

  • Prior to a throw in for any team
  • Prior to a goal kick by either team
  • Prior to the restart of the game following a goal being scored by either team
  • Prior to the restart of the game for the second half
  • Prior to the beginning of an overtime period
  • Prior to the restart of the game following an injured player being removed from the field 
  • (either team) 
  • Prior to the restart of the game following a player being cautioned, the referee will give the coach the choice of substituting the cautioned player. (The player could reenter at his/her team’s next substitution opportunity.) 


  • Any player, coach assistant coach or registered team official who is shown a red card will be automatically suspended for the remainder of that game and will not be allowed to play/coach in the next game. Additional penalties may be imposed for violent conduct. A coach or registered official must leave the field, may not sit on the bench nor coach from the side line. A player may return to the bench after the suspension but not in uniform. Cards will be taken by the referee and turned over to tournament headquarters where they will be held and returned after the suspension has been served.

Scoring System: 

  • Maximum number of points allowable per game: 3 
  • Three (3) Points for a win
  • One (1) Point for a tie
  • Zero (0) Points for a loss
  • One point will be deducted for each cumulative red or double yellow cards.
  • Forfeited games will be scored as 1 – 0. The 1 – 0 will not be used as goals for or against in the event of a tie breaker.

Tie Breaking Procedure: 
In the case of a tie after the completion of preliminary games, the following system will apply:

  1. Head to Head competition (where applicable) (should there be a tie in tournament points between three or more teams, the tie­breaking procedure begins with #2 below) 
  2. Team with the fewest losses 
  3. Team with the highest goal differential (goals scored by a team minus goals allowed by a team, not to exceed 4 per game)      
  4. Team with fewest goals allowed 
  5. Team with most goals scored advances (not to exceed 4 per game)       
  6. Coin Toss (if agreed by both teams and the tournament director, F.I.F.A. penalty kicks can be taken in place of a coin toss)

Competition Format:
The California Odyssey Tournament seeding committee reserves the right to alter the format to enhance the competition and improve the overall quality of the tournament. Divisions will be as follows, but not limited to:

  • Six Team Divisions:
    • Will consist of two (2) groups of three. The top two (2) teams from each group will advance to the semi finals.
  • Eight Team Divisions:
    • Will consist of two (2) groups of four. Each team will play the other teams in its group for a total of three (3) preliminary games. The top team from each group will advance to the finals.
  • Nine Team Divisions
    • The winners of Groups A, B, & C advance to the semi finals.
    • The Wild Card team is the team with the highest points from groups A, B, or C. In the event of a tie in points the tie breaking system listed above will be implemented beginning at #2. 
    • Each team will play a minimum of 3 games (forfeited games will count in game minimum)


  • Team Trophy and individual player awards for Champions.
  • Medals for Finalists

Rules of Conduct: 

  • All coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, staff, parents, friends and any affiliated spectator. If in the opinion of the referee it is deemed a game should be terminated due to the misconduct of any person or persons, the offending team will be suspended, forfeit that game and any remaining games.

Injuries and Medical Assistance: 

  • Any injuries must be reported to a tournament official so an injury report can be completed.

Weather Conditions: 

  • If deemed necessary by the Tournament Committee, games may be shortened, go to F.I.F.A. penalty kicks or be canceled due to extreme weather or field conditions.

Tournament Cancellation:

  • Should California Odyssey Soccer Club have to cancel the entire tournament due to inclement weather, acts of civil disobedience, war, destruction of facilities or other circumstances beyond its control. The Club may retain up to 30% of team entry fee upon verification of expenses. Refunds will be mailed within 45 days of notice of cancellation.

Hotel Information: 

  • A list of local hotels will be provided to accepted teams upon request. 

Tournament Committee: 




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