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Youth Academy

Play. Laugh. Learn.

The California Odyssey Soccer Club (COSC) Youth Academy was established in 2013 and has enjoyed great success as a premier early-learning soccer program. The mission of the COSC Youth Academy is to introduce the game of soccer to young children in a fun, learning-based environment where these future players can begin to develop the skill set needed to play the beautiful game successfully throughout their childhood and beyond.

The COSC Youth Academy is structured for 5 to 8-year old girls and boys. There are no tryouts, and every child is accepted for enrollment.

The curriculum used in the COSC Youth Academy is proprietary to Odyssey, yet borrows from traditional methods of teaching children where fun and learning come together to spur fantastic growth. This curriculum has been extremely successful and the growth of our young players has been a joy to watch.

Cost: 250.00 for three sessions and 135.00 for one session.

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