College Commitments Over the Years

Explore the academic and athletic journeys of California Odyssey alumni. See where past athletes have been accepted and committed for college.


Academic Excellence

California Odyssey alumni have been accepted to prestigious universities known for their academic rigor and commitment to excellence in education.

Diverse Pathways

From Ivy League institutions to top-tier state universities, our alumni have pursued diverse educational paths, reflecting their varied interests and ambitions.

Athletic Scholarships

Many of our athletes have earned scholarships to colleges across the nation, recognizing their dedication both on the field and in the classroom.

Alumni List

Below is a list of California Odyssey athletes along with the colleges they have committed to. Check out where our former athletes continue their educational and athletic pursuits.


College Commitments

Garrett Aragon - U.N. Las Vegasv(NV)

Abraham Campos - Incarnate Word (TX)

Jared Cruz - University of San Francisco

Beau Diaz - University of Louisville (KY)

Chris Dowding - U.N. Las Vegas (NV)

Mike Mayberry - San Jacinto College South (TX)

Jesus Santiago - San Jacinto College South (TX)

Ivan Yanez - Wright State University (OH)


College Commitments

Scott Binford - West Hills College

Tyler Crough - Fresno City College

Jorge Dominguez - Fresno Pacific University

Robert Garcia - U.N. Las Vegas (NV)

Paul Islas - Fresno Pacific University

Ian Lynch - Fresno Pacific University

Adam Pacheco - Fresno City College

James Ramirez - Fresno City College

Luke Tyler - Fresno Pacific University

Steven Waite - Fresno Pacific University


College Commitments

Nick Alcaide - Fresno City College

Allison Case - Stanislaus State

Joseph Flores - San Francisco State

Tyler Schoenfeld - Fresno City College

Nana Ameyaw-Sakyi - Wright State University

Jessica Castillo - Fresno Pacific Univ.

Courtney Graham - Fresno City College

Sean Taufer - Sonoma State

Jessica Armstrong - Cal Lutheran University

Kristi D’Alessandro - Pacific Lutheran

Kacey Held - Cal Poly SLO

Lauren Thornton - Stanislaus State

Kyle Cadigan - Stanislaus State

Emily Fernandez - William Jessup University

Martin Kams - Fresno City College

Elliott Hord - U.C. Davis

Taylor Jordan - Cal State Bakersfield

Chris “CY” Young - Fresno Pacific University

Brianna Westley - Concordia University

Sarah Sierra - University of Jacksonville (FL)

Jose Segura - U.C. Irvine


College Commitments

Joshua Alvarez - Seattle University

Jon-Paul Medina - U.C. Riverside

Eric Velarde - Fresno Pacific University

Villyan Bijev - Liverpool F.C.

Tori Sena - Fresno Pacific University

Nick Watson - Westmont College

Jaycee Bingham - Fresno State University

Trevor Spurgeon - Chico Stagte

Matt Dishno - San Jacinto College (TX)

Isaiah Trejo - University of Louisville (KY)


College Commitments

Caressa Archie - Fresno Pacific University

Amanda Hudec - Fresno Pacific University

Samantha Brechmann - Fresno State University

Sarah Pope - Colorado State-Mesa

Natalya Ferdinandi - Saint Mary’s

Eddie Fernandes - Fresno Pacific University

Alyssa Cruz - Fresno State University

Nichole Donald - Stanislaus State

Cassandra Fasi - Cal Poly SLO

Elise Kreighoff - Cal Poly SLO

Jordan Moineau - Stanislaus State

Kelsey Quintos - University of Neveda

Vincente Rodarte - Iowa Western University

Nick Alcaide - Fresno City College

Carlos Alvarez - Incarnate Word (TX)

Nana Ameyaw-Sakyi - Wright State University

Adrian Arias - Fresno City College

Jessica Armstrong - Cal Lutheran University

Kyle Cadigan - Stanislaus State

Caressa Archie - Fresno Pacific University

Gregory Antognoli - Cornell University (NY)


College Commitments

Drew Walters - Cal State Northridge

Lindsay Dovali - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sherine Collins - Dartmouth University

Janice Coley - McNeese State University

Julia Campos - Fresno State University

Erin Banda - Notre Dame de Namur


College Commitments

Anissia Gonzalez - Fresno Pacific University

Kylie Campama - Fresno Pacific University


College Commitments

Stephan Morris - Fresno Pacific University

Anais Mayo - Chico State

Christian Flores - Fresno Pacific University

Jacob Bynum - Fresno Pacific University

Tristyn Bailey - Cal Baptist


College Commitments

Orian Bar - West Virginia Wesleyan College

Brittney Hahn - Missouri S&T University

Isabelle Hopkins - Fresno City College

Annika Pettersson - Clovis Community

Khylia DeJean - Fresno Pacific University

Peyton Garner - Fresno Pacific University

Kamryn Sorrick - Point Loma Nazarene Univ.

Reyna Valencia - Academy of Art University

Seren Tamayo - Masters College

Lauren Hudec - San Francisco State Univ

Catalina Villegas - Univ Nevada Las Vegas

Kyndel Borman - The Masters University

Trinity Lopez - Fresno City College

Gabriela Jaimes - Fresno City College

Ariana Quintero - Clovis Community College

Taylor Hornburg - University Hawaii @ Hilo

Delilah Flores - Fresno City College

Mckay Severance - Cal Lutheran College

Bryce Faber - Fresno City College


College Commitments

Sebestian Caballero - Fresno City College

Luis Castillo - William Jessup University

Michael Barragan - Fresno City College

Maximilian Arfsten - Univ. of California, Davis

Christian Garcia-Chavez - Azuza Pacific Univ.

Brian Perez - Cardiff University - Cardiff, Wales. England

Zoe Juarez - Univ. of California, Merced

Brooke Wristen - Fresno City College

Faith Calvo - Fresno City College

Ashley Chaddock - Fresno City College

Haylee Walkingstick - Fresno City College

Megan Selecky - Agnes Scott College (GA)

Sarah Calderon - Fresno City College

Madison Steinmann - Fresno City College

Macey Merlo - Lesley University (MA)

Tori Solley - Wayne State University

Kortnie Adams - Undecided

Michael Gonzalez - Undecided

Roman Gonzalez - Fresno City College

Kylie Harvens - Fresno City College

Melani Medina - University of the Pacific

Joshua Tyburski - Fresno City College


College Commitments

Xander Arfsten - UCLA

Nathan Arnold - Clovis Community

Conner Armer - Clovis Community

Dominic Ayala - West Hills Community College

Anthony Avila - Fresno State

Jalen Chavez - Fresno City College

E. Jason Corrales - Fresno City College

Noah Delsid - Fresno City College

Brock Goerlich - Cal Lutheran University

Nick Gonzalez - Fresno City College

Enrique Gutierrez - Fresno City College

Alex Hernandez - Fresno State

Edward Munoz - UC Merced

Devyn Rodriguez - Fresno City College

Tony Serrano - Fresno City College

Francisco Segovia - Clovis Community

Yusuf Shehata - UC San Diego

Nathan Shimamoto - UC Davis

Luke Torossian - Clovis Community

Gabriel Torres - Clovis Community

Cooper Wenzell - Cal State Northridge

Sean Williamson - Cal State Dominguez Hills


College Commitments

Alexandro Chavez - Biola University

Gregory Turner - Fresno Pacific

Zander Lopez - Fresno City College

Christian Silva - Northridge University

Steven Randal - UCLA

Kaylob Walker - Fresno City College

Isaiah Martinez - Fresno City College

Sheagun Bullard - Pomona Pitzer university

Alex Chavez - Clovis Community


College Commitments

Evan Wessel - Fresno City College

Jose Chavez - Fresno City College

Isaac Cortez - Fresno City College

Gavin House - Fresno City College

Andrew Huerta - Fresno City College

Bruno Van Vliet - Fresno City College

Eddie Veliz - College of the sequoias

Kenovi Walker - Fresno City College

Andrew Dutra - UC Davis

Peyton Gorans - UC Davis

Colton Franklin - UC Davis

Nathaniel Dekker - William Jessup University

Alexis Recinos - William Jessup University

Isiah Hernandez - William Jessup University

Chase Weiner - Santa Clara University

Elmer Garcia - Odessa academy, Spain

Diego De Rocha - Humbolt University, CA

Jasmin Arciga - Undecided

Suzetti DaSilva - Bard College

Ariana Escobedo - Chico State

Serena Galvan - West Hills College

Paige Smith - Clovis Community College

Emma Cypher - Undecided

Chayse Mayhew - Fullerton State

Nyomi Ramirez - Undecided

Shelby Rugg - Concordia University

Jesi Garcia - Clovis Community College

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