Redefining Youth Soccer Excellence

Welcome to the ECNL

Experience the pinnacle of youth soccer competition with the ECNL, where excellence is not just a goal but a way of life.

Elite Competition

Experience the highest level of competition against top clubs nationwide.

Player Development

Dedicated programs and resources to hone skills and nurture talent.

Pathways to Success

Opportunities for collegiate, professional, and national team advancement.

Elite Clubs National League (ECNL)

Redefining Youth Soccer Excellence

The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) stands at the forefront of youth soccer development, offering top-tier competition and unparalleled player development opportunities.

A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 2009, the ECNL has consistently challenged the status quo of youth soccer, evolving into the premier platform for aspiring young athletes.

More Than A League

A Commitment to Excellence

The ECNL is more than just a league—it’s a community dedicated to elevating the youth soccer experience. From innovative programming to a focus on respect, opportunity, and player development, the ECNL is shaping the future of soccer stars.

ECNL Competitions

ECNL Conference Cup

A mini-game tournament competition for top players across multiple age groups.

ECNL National Selection Game Series

Showcasing the best talent in elite soccer matchups.

ECNL Regional Leagues

Providing a pathway for clubs and players to compete at the highest level.

ECNL Playoffs

Witness the excitement as teams vie for championship titles in thrilling postseason action.

ECNL Northern California

Odyssey's Home in Elite Soccer

As a proud member of the ECNL, California Odyssey Soccer Club is committed to excellence on and off the field. Join us in the pursuit of greatness and experience the ECNL difference.

Core Values

Our mission to Raise the Game changes the youth soccer landscape through innovative, player-centered programs that raise standards of quality and experience in all aspects of the game.


Through Player-Centered Programming.


For Diversity, Style, System and Structure.


Created Through Exposure, Showcasing and Role Modeling.


Of the Environment and Person.


Across the Youth Soccer Experience.