Elevating Your Game, Defining Your Future

National Premier Leagues

Odyssey proudly competes in the National Premier Leagues (NPL), a national competition platform designed to elevate the game of soccer for players of all ages. Discover how NPL membership empowers our players to reach their full potential.

Optimal Experience

Providing tools for an optimal youth soccer experience.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Welcoming players seeking high-level, competitive play.

National Opportunities

Offering pathways and exposure for player growth.

National Premier Leagues

What is the NPL?

The National Premier Leagues (NPL) is a nationwide platform dedicated to raising the bar for youth soccer development. Established with the goal of providing a clear and competitive pathway for talented young players, the NPL offers a structured and elite-level competition format. As a member of the NPL, Odyssey is committed to fostering excellence, growth, and opportunity for players of all ages.

Elevating Player Development

Benefits of NPL Membership

Joining the NPL provides numerous benefits for players, coaches, and clubs alike. From enhanced competition to exposure to college and professional scouts, NPL membership is a pathway to success in soccer and beyond.

NPL Competitions

National Cup Championship

US Club Soccer's National Cup offers regional qualifiers to national competition.

State-Based Cups

State cups provide pathways to the National Cup, promoting local talent.

Sanctioned Tournaments

Tournament access for both US Club Soccer and U.S. Soccer affiliate teams.

Local Competitive League

Quality local competition, minimal travel.

Join the Journey with NorCal Premier Soccer

NorCal Premier Soccer

Odyssey is proud to be a member of NorCal Premier Soccer, the leading organization for soccer development in Northern California. Together, we strive to create a thriving environment for players of all ages, nurturing their skills and passion for the beautiful game. Join us on this exciting journey with NorCal Premier Soccer.

Core Values

The NPL’s mission is to facilitate more meaningful games, reduce travel and provide a pathway to postseason competition.


Equipping members with tools and best practices to facilitate an optimal youth soccer experience for players, families, coaches, and referees.


Welcoming players who strive to play at the next level, as well as those seeking a high-level, competitive atmosphere with their friends.


Embracing collaboration at every opportunity.


Structuring competition to reduce burdens on families by limiting travel.


Providing national pathways, opportunities, and exposure to help players grow on and off the field.